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Drawing with Loretta Jenkins

Watercolor with Ginger Rose

Ginger's classes are always on Saturday from 10-4.  Each class will feature a different subject.  Ginger is paid directly. Call Linda at 208-667-0813 to find out if there is an opening. Bring your painting supplies. This class always fills fast. Ginger does do a few classes in Spokane.  $30.00



Monday Open Studio with Ginger
10-12 cost $15.00 Bring your work and supplies to this open studio.

Wednesday Drawing Class

Loretta Jenkins

Loretta offers a great drawing class but will also take students working in other media.  Bring your project and supplies, and join Loretta on Wednesday from

10:00am-noon; 1:00pm-3:00pm or  4:00-6:00pm

Cost is $23.00 per session

Wes Hanson: Watercolor and Acrylic

Wes' classes meet on Sat from 10-4 in Coeur d Alene. Each class will feature a particular subject or technique.  Bring you painting supplies. Cost is $35.00